Driving Success: Navigating the Sales Journey with Our Comprehensive Roadmap for Your Company’s Growth

Federal Trucking USA

How to Start

Step 1

Embark on your trucking journey with Federal Trucking USA. Take the first step towards success by applying through our user-friendly online form or by giving us a call at +1 512 879 1649.

Step 2

Ensure you have all the essential documentation, including:
FMCSA operating authority (MC certificate)
WW9 form (request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)
Insurance (Certificate with liability cargo policies with us listed as a certificate holder).

Step 3

Complete the Dispatch Agreement. This foundational document, accompanied by a limited Power of Attorney (PoA), empowers us to act as your company’s representative in diverse interactions. By signing it, you grant us the authority to handle business matters on your behalf, ensuring seamless representation among various stakeholders.

Step 4

We are all set. Now you are ready to Increase Your Trucking Business Revenue. Let’s get to work.

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